At St John Vianney Catholic Primary School Greenacre, all staff work collaboratively within their roles to achieve the best possible outcomes for our community.

Mr Justin Coupland
Mr Justin CouplandPrincipal
Mrs Elizabeth Laria
Mrs Elizabeth LariaAssistant Principal
Mrs Lisa Kerry
Mrs Lisa KerryReligious Education Coordinator
Mrs Kay Manni
Mrs Kay ManniInstructional Specialist
Mr Michael Hobson
Mr Michael HobsonCoordinator
Mrs Josette Bakhos
Mrs Josette BakhosFamily Educator
Mrs Rosa Correia
Mrs Rosa CorreiaSenior School Support Officer
Mrs Elizabeth Whiteman
Mrs Elizabeth WhitemanSchool Support Officer
Mr Anthony Chadrawy
Mr Anthony ChadrawySchool Support Officer
Mrs Evie Asvestas
Mrs Evie AsvestasTeacher
Mrs Jessica Boumelhem
Mrs Jessica BoumelhemTeacher
Miss Chloe Devlin
Miss Chloe DevlinTeacher
Mrs Angela Di Maria
Mrs Angela Di MariaTeacher
Miss Joelle El-Zoghbi
Miss Joelle El-ZoghbiTeacher
Miss Stephanie Mansour
Miss Stephanie MansourTeacher
Miss Joseline Marta
Miss Joseline MartaTeacher
Mrs Claire McKernan
Mrs Claire McKernanTeacher
Mrs Rebecca Moawad
Mrs Rebecca MoawadTeacher
Mrs Anthea Mure
Mrs Anthea MureTeacher
Miss Joanna Phillipou
Miss Joanna Phillipou Teacher
Miss Evie Price
Miss Evie PriceTeacher
Miss Georgia Stylianesis
Miss Georgia StylianesisTeacher
Miss Sara Torresan
Miss Sara TorresanTeacher
Mrs Amanda Col
Mrs Amanda ColSports Coordinator
Miss Jessica Newey
Miss Jessica NeweyMusic Coordinator
Mrs Justine Kingham
Mrs Justine KinghamEALD Teacher
Ms Jan Shortall
Ms Jan ShortallReading Recovery
Mrs Maria Di Donato
Mrs Maria Di DonatoSpecial Education Teacher
Mrs Tanya Bearzotti
Mrs Tanya BearzottiLearning Support Officer
Mrs Mariagrazia Gambino
Mrs Mariagrazia GambinoLearning Support Officer
Mrs Sarina Pantazis
Mrs Sarina PantazisLearning Support Officer